Public Announcements


Letter from the President

Hello to all of my Fellow Supply Chain Professionals,

As the current president of the Schuylkill Valley Chapter of APICS (aka ASCM) it is my privilege to share a brief note about what is happening with your chapter and the opportunities we can offer to you and to your organization.

Now is an incredibly exciting and transitional time in Supply Chain and for those of us who have chosen this as our profession we need, now more than ever, to stay informed and educated to bring increased value to the organizations for which we work. Corporations are coming to understand the value of a well run supply chain and we at APICS Schuylkill Valley can help to prepare individuals and companies to thrive and succeed in a competitive business environment.

APICS Corporate Vision Statement

APICS — the world’s leading community for end-to-end supply chain excellence.

APICS Corporate Mission

Fostering the advancement of end-to-end supply chain management through a body of knowledge, innovative research, systems, and methods to create value for customers, members and organizations.

We, at your local chapter of this non-profit corporation, have a mission to provide Supply Chain education with the goal of improving the performance of the individuals and companies we serve.

Here is how we at the Schuylkill Valley chapter approach this goal:

  1. We provide regular professional development meetings (PDM’s) to share current thinking and insights into issues and trends in the Supply Chain space.
  2. We have highly qualified instructors that can lead formal class room training for APICS certification course work (CPIM, CLTD, and CSCP).
  3. We can provide in house training for organizations tailored to meet challenges specific to each company
  4. We have opportunities for members to join the chapter’s leadership team and to learn more about how the entire ASCM/APICS organization works and to find ways in which they can use their talents to benefit the entire supply chain field.

As part of the leadership team, I can tell you that we have a great group of supply Chain professionals who are eager to serve and eager to learn. We welcome all APICS members or people considering membership to join our monthly BOD meetings. Please come and learn more about who we are and how we can help. If you are interested please contact our chapter at [email protected] to get the time and location of our next board of directors meeting.


Gregg Geschwindt